Log Your Commute

How can I win cash and other prizes?

Log your clean commutes (carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, teleworking, doing a compressed workweek, biking or walking to work) and enter to win prizes and incentives from the PTSC.  Submit your commute data at least once a week.  After the month’s end, the PTSC will tabulate your clean commute trips and draw prize winners.

By registering to log your commutes you can:

* Track your pollution and dollar savings
* Find carpool or vanpool partners if desired
* Register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program

Where should I log my trips?

Go to:  www.mygacommuteoptions.com

What prizes and incentives are available?

Some of our rewards are random prizes, and others are incentives dependent on the number of trips you complete.  For example, carpool rewards is a guaranteed incentive if you log the minimum number of trips required.  We also hold a random drawing for $25 Visa gift cards, and any alternative to driving alone is eligible.  Each time you log your carpool, train, bus, vanpool, bicycle or walk trip or telework day, you’re entered to win in the random monthly drawing.   The more times you take a “clean” commute to work, the better your chances of being selected.  So, for example, if you logged 12 carpool trips in a month, you are 12 times more likely to win than someone who logged just one carpool trip.  The PTSC awards about 60 gift cards each month to Perimeter-area commuters.  Currently, you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning the random monthly drawing.

$40-$60 Gas Cards - Carpools of 3 or more people commuting to the Perimeter area at least 15 times in one month are rewarded with $40 or $60 monthly gas cards.

$25 Gift Cards – Each month, commuters who log their alternative commute trips to the Central Perimeter can win $25 gift cards and other prizes.

Commuter Champion - Less than 1% of commuters, these individuals have exhibited a long-term commitment to alternative transportation by keeping at least 25,000 pounds of pollution out of the air. In partnership with the Clean Air Campaign, these commuters are recognized for their outstanding achievement.